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Vegetables count.  
You need them to grow.  
So start counting -  1, 2, 3, GO!

Vegetables are an important part of our diet, but most of us (big and little) don't eat enough.  

So, while learning to count is a necessary skill for little ones to develop - learning about vegetables and the number of servings we need each day to keep us healthy and in shape is also an important life skill. This book for children ages 3 - 8 and their families introduces more than 40 varieties of vegetables and addresses the concept of serving size - while at the same time helping kids develop counting, grouping, and estimating skills.  Page after page of colorful photographic illustrations also offer clever opportunities for practicing observation skills and learning new vocabulary.  

Vegetables Count  is a novel way to teach numbers using vegetables.  But, much more than that, it is also a veritable salad of a book that mixes up a variety of nutrition messages, mathematical concepts, and interesting challenges designed to promote healthy growth and development in body, mind, and spirit!    

Talk about multi-tasking! 

Vegetables Count
Peggy Sissel-Phelan, Ed.D.
22 pages, 8.5 x7 inches 
ISBN# 987-0-9771010-8-1
Ages 3+​
$6.99 each