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Parents Help in Lots of Ways!
¡Los Padres Ayudan de Muchas Maneras!

    Parents Help in Lots of Ways looks at parent involvement through the eyes of children as they describe the simple, but significant, everyday things their moms and dads do to help them learn and grow. 
   Affirming and encouraging, this easy-to-read picture book depicts a diverse group of families engaged in the kind of supportive activities that help children succeed in school. The book’s gentle, loving message reinforces the efforts of active parents while also giving all moms and dads more confidence in their role and a better understanding of what being an involved parent is all about.  
​     Designed for ages 3 – 8 and written at the 2nd grade level, Parents Help in Lots of Ways makes a wonderful addition to the PreK to 3rd grade classroom and media center, a great resource for adult literacy and ESOL programs, and is perfect for mass distribution in parent outreach efforts. When children bring this book home from school and ask their parents to read it to them, you can be assured everyone will get the message.

Parents Help in Lots of Ways!
¡Los Padres Ayudan de Muchas Maneras!

Steve Lonning
With photography by Diana Ladmirault 
© Copyright 2012
  Ages 3+
  22 pp, 8.5 x 8.5, Softcover
Retail price - $6.99

English/Spanish ISBN: 978-0-9771010-9-2
English only ISBN: 978-0-9825315-2-5
​                                                                E-book ISBN:  To be assigned
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Parents Help in Lots of Ways!
¡Los Padres Ayudan de Muchas Maneras!

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